I have an affinity for QRP. Maybe because my formative years overlapped with The Five-Watt QRP Movement. Idunno. But when I got my ticket in 1987 I put a wanted ad out for an Argonaut and got hold of a 505 with matching 50W (output) linear amplifier. I currently have four of them.

Ade Weiss' The Joy of QRP.

VK3YE 10 steps to QRP success

QRP Calling Frequencies

Venn Diagram

There's a considerable overlap between QRP and homebrewing. Sure, many QRPers have commercial QRP equipment and many homebrew projects are not QRP, but still, homebrew and QRP do go together.

QRP Homebuilder archive (40 Mbyte PDF). See also Popcorn QRP.

Hambrew magazine.

Journal of the Northern California QRP Club

K7QO's website no longer exists. Here's his QRP Lab Notebook

The SPRAT Pixie File.

W7EKB's Glowbugs Web Pages.

Ashar Farhan VU3ICQ's BITX also available in kit form.

Michael J. Rainey AA1TJ -- if transistors are too high-power for you and you'd rather use tunnel diodes. Also, Pekka Ketonen OH1TV, OH1O, OH1WX.

AmQRP.org HOMEBREWER No. 5 -- The Handyman's Guide to Understanding Transistor Datasheets & Specifications by Paul Harden, NA5N.

Morsum Magnificat

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